Christmas in Ireland Free

It is only when we are free as God meant us to be that Christmas in Ireland will be the loveliest time of the year, with gladness and true rejoicing in every heart, with laughter and  hospitality in every home, with Gaelic song, story and dance and the music of píopáil and fidil and cláirseach;... Continue Reading →


The True Founder of Sinn Féin

Although Sinn Féin did not come into being as an organisation until four years after his death, and although in its earlier years countenanced things of which he would not approve, William Rooney may justly be claimed as its real founder. He is not often spoke of or quoted today; but his teaching, his example,... Continue Reading →

Was it Worthwhile?

The coming of Easter brings into the mind memories of great heroic men, of valiant women, of splendid deeds, of glorious days, of valour and chivalry and sacrifice; but through every one of those memories comes, like the cut of a lash, the question: Was it worth while? And in moments of depression one is... Continue Reading →

Sinn Féin, Sinn Féin amháin

Sinn Féin, Sinn Féin amháin. Our enemies over the water and their echoes in Ireland pretended to believe that these words had a narrow, arrogant, insular meaning, and they did a great deal to spread this idea abroad; and succeeded to no small extent. Those who adopted Sinn Féin, and Sinn Féin Amháin as slogans... Continue Reading →

Who were the rebels in 1922?

The Treaty of Surrender was signed in London on midnight of the 6-7 December, 1921, the signatures of the Irish Delegation being given to it in violation of orders received from and undertakings given to the Government of the Republic at home, particularly with regard to the sovereignty of the Republic, to partition and allegiance... Continue Reading →

Compromise and Confusion

When at its Ard Fheis in October, 1933, Sinn Féin, after censuring three of its members who had voted at a general election to a partition and usurping parliament, proceeded solemnly to elect as its President a person on the pay-roll of that same parliament, another tier was added to the bank of confusion that... Continue Reading →

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